Leah Guzman supports creatives with healing and manifesting their desires by utilizing art media through art therapy services and coaching.

She’s written 3 art therapy books, “The Art of Healing and Manifesting: Creative Exercises to Living an Abundant Life, “Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD”, and a children’s book, “RAD is SMAD!!” .

In her signature program, Art of Healing and Manifesting, Leah supports individuals by healing any emotional wounds and transforming energy to be your most authentic self. She focuses on the law of attraction. spirituality, and cognitive-behavioral art therapy techniques. She has other online courses, such as the Creative Soul Society, a monthly art making group, and art as therapy painting classes on her site.

“It’s an honor to have helped thousands of individuals find more joy, wealth, and peace in their lives through my books, individual, and group programs.” Leah Guzman

I like to say, “The art is the Oracle.” Leah Guzman

In today’s interview with Leah Guzman, we talked about:

5.20 How to get over yourself to share your creative work with the world.

7.01 How Leah channeled her work into an oracle card deck.

7.45 How Leah’s book The Art of Healing and Manifesting has exercises that relate to energy healing and getting into alignment, which makes manifestation easier.

8.24 A sneak peek of Leah’s deck.

14.05 Creating a mini Chakra painting set that will help you manifest and heal.

15.38 Leah’s sign – and it doesn’t have to be ‘real’ – it can come through in a variety of different ways.

18.11 How does Leah’s deck work as an oracle deck?

(What’s the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards?)

19.43 Does Leah consider herself to be intuitive?

22.08 What supplies do you need to have on hand when you want to work with Leah’s book/exercises? And do you need to be an artist to start working with Leah’s art therapy books?

26.39 How the body responds to art therapy

28.39 What’s the hardest part of creating art?

20.59 Is art therapy in the mainstream yet?

Find out more about Leah Guzman and her work:

Leah Guzman site
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Leah on Instagram
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