There are varying opinions on whether or not there’s a difference between psychic ability and intuition. Some say that they’re one in the same. I disagree… This is how I differentiate the two.


Intuition can be thought of as your soul’s GPS. Unlike the GPS in your motor vehicle that speaks in loud and distinct commands, the voice of your intuition is usually very subtle. It’s more like an inner knowing, that suggests you turn right instead of left, or says, “Yes, go ahead. It will be good for you.” Other times, a thought will come that says, “That’s not a good idea. Be careful…” Then there are times when it’s a very strong feeling deep in your gut that makes you feel apprehensive or even a bit sick to your stomach about whatever it is that you’re considering.

Most people will agree that they’ve had such experiences. They’re not at all uncommon. It’s nature’s way of keeping you safe. It could be your guardian angel nudging you. Your guardian angel has been assigned to you by God and given the power to speak to you through your intuition when necessary, but it is usually your own life experience that your subconscious brings to the surface when essential.

It may seem as though some people have a stronger intuition than others and that they are more innately attuned to the world around them. Be assured that this doesn’t just happen by itself. It’s because they’ve paid attention to their intuition and continue to exercise it. The good news is that everybody has intuition and the more that you understand about it and make use of it, the stronger it will become for you.


Psychic Ability

My belief about psychic ability is that it is different than intuition. Psychic ability can be thought of as an antenna that can tune into various frequencies outside of you. The information that a psychic can tap into is not coming from within a person like intuition does; it’s coming from some outside source. That outer source can be another living person, a spirit guide, departed loved one, an angel, and so on. There are times when psychic ability is similar to intuition, but the main difference is that it’s not coming from within your subconscious, it’s coming from another source that’s not part of you.

Psychic ability will manifest through the four major “clairs” like Clairvoyance – clear seeing; clairaudience – clear hearing; claircognizance – clear thinking; and clairsentience – clear feeling. There are more clairs, but these four are the most common ones.

Unlike our intuition that kicks in when we’re in a situation or focusing on something, or via telepathy that we may have with those we have close relationships with, psychic experiences can pop-up out of nowhere OR they can be tuned into on-demand by a skilled psychic.

Telepathy occurs in those who have very strong intuitive abilities AND are probably psychic too. They may or may not realize it. If your intuition is this strong, then you are likely able to develop your psychic abilities. Telepathy is often the bridge to that leads one to explore their psychic abilities; however, some may not take that next step.

For example, an intuitive tarot reader might get a gut feeling about which cards in a spread are the most relevant for the sitter and spend more time discussing those cards than other cards in the spread. That same reader might get an overall gut feeling whether or not the situation that the sitter inquired about is going to work out in the way that he/she hopes it will.

On the other hand, a psychic tarot reader might get a clear picture in their mind’s eye about something that has nothing to do with the cards in the spread nor the question asked by the sitter. The psychic relays the image they are seeing to the sitter and the sitter is able to relate to it in some way. It will have meaning to the sitter even if the psychic didn’t understand what it meant at the time.

Psychic ability can be thought of as an inborn faculty. For example, if you have musical ability and can sing or play an instrument, that is an ability that you are born with and there are likely to be others in your family who have a similar talent. Although you can further develop this skill with practice, there are varying degrees to which it can be improved.

My conclusion is that there is a difference between intuition and psychic ability. I base this on the reasoning that intuition comes from within and psychic ability comes from an outer source. Intuition kicks in automatically when needed. Very often, intuition usually occurs when we’re focused on and/or are in a situation that calls for intuitive guidance. In contrast, psychic experiences can come unexpectedly and at times without instigation on the part of the psychic.

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