2020 – The Year of the Sacred Traveler

The four challenges we face over the next year.

  1. Movement, Progress, & Synchronicities:

In the first three months it will become clear how actions lead to progress, and inactivity leads to stagnation. There will be time for reflection, as well as planning. It all seems to come together through synchronicities that will be experienced as uniquely individual as those who notice them.

It’s important to remember is that action doesn’t mean rushing through things. Movement can be as simple as clearing space, both physical and emotional. Forcing action, however, will only increase resistance and lead to false starts. Feel into it. If there is resistance, go deeper, do some shadow work. You are being called to address things at the root.

  1. Free, unstructured time creates better productivity:

When feeling challenged and stuck, sometimes the best course of action is to just walk away for a bit. Not completely, just enough to refresh and recharge. The day to day grind can make it impossible to notice details or synchronicities. Taking time off to “play” can have the effect of stimulating creativity and encouraging a change in perspective.  The best description of April through June will be to see through the eyes of a child and play through the coming change.

Once the stagnation has lifted, it will be important to look at what was missed. Before true progress can be made, it needs to be addressed. However, it’s not going to be nearly as scary or difficult as you think. The release and freedom from doing the inner work will have you realizing just how far you’ve come along the healing path.

Don’t fear the change, embrace it. It is the foundation for the future.

  1. Creation and Manifestation:

When we dream things up, there is sometimes a disconnect between what we envision and the creation of it. Belief is part of it – when the doubt creeps in it can seem to put everything on hold. Understand that the result often requires a meandering journey, one that sometimes takes you in what seems to be circles for a while. This is so we can do the healing in layers, which can reduce trauma and give a more lasting, profound result.

Action, and believing in yourself are needed. You have the Christed Light inside you, waiting to be rekindled and uncovered. Your Sacred Journey is to live authentically, to uncover the light within and let it shine. Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

  1. Being the catalyst:

Through living authentically, we shine our brightest. We are the Wounded Healer, “The wound is the place where the Light enters us.” (Rumi) Healing is messy, it is not all sparkles and rainbows, and it’s so very important to remember that. Healing happens in layers, each one more profound. Celebrate each success and triumph.

This year you can heal much of your ancestral karma, through healing your inner child and adult self. You also need to share your journey with others. It is your choice when and how, but it is through you that others will find the strength and courage to begin their own healing. It is a calling that all Healer’s hear, and you can no longer ignore it.

In sharing your challenges, you also share your strength. In sharing how you rekindled your light you give hope to others. It is in the raw, un-filtered personal truth that our true authenticity lies. This is where the light shines the brightest.

This is the Path of the Sacred Traveler in 2020.

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