So here it is folks – THE TIME IS NOW!

The clock is already counting down and you have only one life to make it happen. One crack of the whip to get your ducks lined up. One go at hitting the back of the net.

What are you going to do about it?

Well, if I’m totally honest, I buried my head in the sand for years, well decades really. I shut down and built up walls to protect my fragile self from all the pain the world was causing me.

Eighteen months ago, just when I decided to throw myself into building my online coaching business, my SOUL chose that exact moment to start its journey.

I was irritated – really annoyed. How could my soul choose that moment when I had invested a lot of cash into work with a high-flying business coach?

What followed was a period of extreme confusion for me. On one hand, I wanted to throw all my energies into building a successful and profitable business, but on the other, my attention was being pulled away to investigate new spiritual concepts. My curiosity for new shiny things was winning, hands down.

A few months into business coaching process and I was feeling annoyed with the coach – her methods and strategies were triggering me big time.   What made total sense on a logical level, was making my heart twist and turn in discomfort. So much of what I was hearing was not aligning with my core values.

Oh, the frustration of spending a huge wad of cash on something that just was not working for me. And, as much as I am curious, I am stubborn, too. So I stuck with the program, flipping from trying to launch a program and build my mailing list, to the next throwing my hands up in total despair and running away to read a book instead (my coping mechanism). I would compare my failures against the acclaimed successes of my fellow masterminders, and it made me feel stupid and incapable.

Boy, was it a rollercoaster ride. Messy and really uncomfortable.

In the end, I had to step back from the coaching mastermind group, and the relief of finally making that decision and putting my own well-being first was huge. It was like a millstone had been lifted off my neck. It felt good to suddenly be able to do things my own way. Even so, the business was just not making me happy and I was deriving little satisfaction.

Meanwhile, on my SOUL JOURNEY, I was learning so many fascinating new things. I was opening up to a new world – awakening to a new way of being and living, which resonated with me deeply. Along the way, and still today, I connect with incredible and inspiring people, who welcome me into this new consciousness and help me to make sense of it all.

I am constantly encouraged to tune into my own internal compass and really take the time to evaluate and feel what was right for me. This idea was easy for me to grasp, but damn hard to do. Even today, I still say ‘I’m a Work-in-Progress’.

Learning that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) was a huge relief for me. I had lived so long with my emotions in shutdown mode to survive the harsh corporate world. I had built a wall around my heart to protect it from the pain inflicted by others, as well as shutting out the negative energies of living in a busy city. But the good news was, I was not alone, and bit by bit the wall was slowly coming down. There was so much new information to take in and absorb.

Interestingly, I always felt there was more to life. I never felt I fitted into the box society was pushing me into. Now, I revel when someone calls me ‘weird’ – I love it!

Day-by-day, I work on strengthening the habit of tuning in and listening to my heart. By doing this, I found my way to writing – and writing makes my heart sing.

Right now, I am in the midst of penning my first novel – a dream that has been with me for over 15 years. I listened to my inner guidance and stepped past my fears – my reward – I enjoy a passionate life, filled with positive emotions.

‘Joy and Happiness’ are now my new best friends and ‘Depression and Sadness’, I’m pleased to say, are being pushed more and more into the background.

I give thanks every day for the beauty of the world around me, for all the good things that come my way and for the opportunity to follow my dream.

So, again I say to you – THE TIME IS NOW…

To Live a Life YOU Truly Love.




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