How to use the energy of eclipses in your life

When I first started learning astrology 20 years ago, I found eclipses really difficult to get my head around. To me, they were mysterious, obscure and confusing. Today, when I see clients, eclipses are the first thing I look for. The two houses where the eclipses fall in their charts will give me an immediate background to their deep psychological urges and life focus areas for that 2-3 year period.

When eclipses activate an axis of your chart, you’ll see significant progress in that area of your life within that 2-3 year period. Often, this progress requires some deep personal work as eclipses have a tendency to stir up buried parts of your psyche and bring them to your conscious life. They are the cosmic change agents, and will act in your best interest to shift any stagnant routines that no longer serve you.

Sounds great, right? However, this may look like chaos and turbulence in your life. The nature of eclipses is one of tension, instability and stress. Many clients will report times of anxiety, disorientation and overwhelm in the area of life where the eclipses are activating. At the very least, they will observe a deep focus on fixing that area of life and generally consuming themselves with those activities.

The removal of light experienced during an eclipse is very symbolic of the psychological processes at work. By obscuring the light, you are called to go into the darkness to integrate the forgotten parts of yourself no matter how painful, traumatic, shameful or difficult. Removing the light symbolises the removal of your ego self and eclipses give you insights that cannot otherwise be experienced when the ego interferes.

How to work with eclipses

Generally speaking, those that are more aware and have a willingness to work with their subconscious will find eclipses more productive than those who aren’t ready to face their shadows. Whether we like it or not, eclipses will bring you the people, events and emotions that are necessary for re-calibrating your path in line with your soul’s purpose. In this sense, eclipses act in a more fated way than any other planets in your birth chart. They are generally outside your conscious control.

Being aware of where eclipses fall in your chart at any one time will be helpful in framing your soul’s work in the short to medium term. As eclipses fall in the same two signs over the 2-3 year period at intervals of 6 months, you will definitely observe a clear story emerge at each eclipse event.

Try to think of the houses where the eclipses fall as a stage and setting in a play. Every time the eclipse occurs there, the story develops and the plot thickens. By the time you journey to the last set of eclipses in that area of your chart, you will most likely experience the closing of that play. Resolutions, closure and a sense of accomplishment can be felt.

If eclipses fall on significant planets in your birth chart, those become critical points at which noticeable trends will emerge as any other planet crosses over them in the next 24 months. Even the fast moving moon moving over that point every month will stimulate the topics of that eclipse story within you. Keeping a journal for those specific days is super insightful to reflect back at the end of that 2-3 year period when the sporadic visions of those eclipses become one integrated story line.

Eclipses for the next five years

In a nutshell, the general mechanics of eclipses are such…

  • They occur in two opposite signs of the zodiac at any one time
  • They occur as a set of two eclipses at every New Moon (called the Solar Eclipse) and Full Moon (called the Lunar Eclipse) of those two signs
  • Each eclipse set occurs approximately every 6 months
  • They spend 2-3 years in each pair of signs, after which they move backwards as they change to the preceding signs

Here is a table of eclipses occurring in the next decade. If you have a natal chart, check to see which houses they fall into and start contemplating some of these ideas discussed above.

Type                     Date                              Position                       Sign

Solar                  26 Dec 2019                  04°Cp06’51”            Capricorn                 

Lunar                  10 Jan 2020                  20°Cn00’13”           Cancer                 

Lunar                  5 Jun 2020                   15°Sg34’02”             Sagittarius                 

Solar                  21 Jun 2020                  00°Cn21’23”             Cancer                 

Lunar                  5 Jul 2020                   13°Cp37’47”             Capricorn                 

Lunar                30 Nov 2020                  08°Ge38’01”            Gemini                 

Solar                  14 Dec 2020                  23°Sg08’14”             Sagittarius

Lunar                 26 May 2021               05°Sg25’45”              Sagittarius                 

Solar                  10 Jun 2021                  19°Ge47’06”             Gemini  

Lunar                19 Nov 2021                  27°Ta14’28”             Taurus                 

Solar                  4 Dec 2021                   12°Sg22’02”               Sagittarius  

Solar                  30 Apr 2022                  10°Ta28’23”              Taurus                 

Lunar                16 May 2022                 25°Sc17’59”               Scorpio                 

Solar                  25 Oct 2022                  02°Sc00’06”                Scorpio                 

Lunar                  8 Nov 2022                  16°Ta00’53”               Taurus                 

Solar                  20 Apr 2023                  29°Ar50’11”               Aries                 

Lunar                  5 May 2023                  14°Sc58’11”               Scorpio                 

Solar                  14 Oct 2023                    21°Li07’33”               Libra                 

Lunar                  28 Oct 2023                  05°Ta09’04”               Taurus                 

Lunar                  25 Mar 2024                  05°Li07’14”               Libra                 

Solar                    8 Apr 2024                   19°Ar24’01”                Aries                 

Lunar                  18 Sep 2024                  25°Pi40’45”                Pisces                 

Solar                     2 Oct 2024                   10°Li03’48”                 Libra                     

Lunar                  14 Mar 2025                  23°Vi56’32”               Virgo                 

Solar                  29 Mar 2025                  09°Ar00’05”                 Aries                      

Lunar                  7 Sep 2025                   15°Pi22’30”                  Pisces                 

Solar                  21 Sep 2025                  29°Vi05’09”                  Virgo                 

Lunar                  3 Mar 2026                   12°Vi53’53”                 Virgo

Solar                  12 Aug 2026                  20°Le01’58”                  Leo                      

Lunar                  28 Aug 2026                  04°Pi54’07”                 Pisces                 

Solar                    6 Feb 2027                    17°Aq37’37”                Aquarius      

Lunar                  20 Feb 2027                  02°Vi05’35”                  Virgo                 


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For a more in-depth look into the astrological significance of eclipses, check out Shu’s article Understanding Eclipses

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