These 5 Angels Help You Make Your Love Life Epic

Working with angels may seem like an ancient practice, which may seem mismatched with modern dating. Trust me when I say “What’s old is new again!” because angels may just be the missing link between where you are now and the epic love your heart craves.

There are a few key ingredients to attracting a lifelong love, and because there’s an angel for everything, you’ve got someone to call on for support in each leg of your journey. Keep reading to find out which angels can support which aspects of dating, and how you can best communicate with them as you find love, and then live it.

Just a note: if after you’ve read this article and it’s inspired you to connect to the archangels, but when the time comes you forget who which task – don’t fret. Angels are non-egoic beings and don’t need recognition in order to lend a hand. Feel free to put out a blanket call to all the angels and know how supported you are. It could be something as simple as:

Thank you angels for helping me with (whatever you’re struggling with) today. I welcome your help and I’m ready to (heal/let go/move on/etc).

So with all that said, let me introduce you to 5 powerful Archangels who can support your quest for romantic love this Valentine’s season and beyond. Consider this your angelic prescription from the Love Doctor.

Call On Angels For Help With Love


Archangel Jophiel

Every epic love story begins with tapping into the well of self love, which is why we begin this journey with Archangel Jophiel. While she’s an angel of many talents, she supports your love journey by helping you to recognize your own beauty and brilliance.

When we’re in a state of unshakeable knowing about our worth, we ready ourselves for not just love, but a relationship that reflects that knowing back to us. So what does that mean? Imagine yourself feeling confident, beautiful and secure in yourself and in your place in the world. And now, imagine yourself attracting a romantic partnership with someone who sees all of that and more. They accept all of you (as the angels do), and love every aspect wholeheartedly.

Pretty great right? 

You’ll notice the angels for love cycle starts and ends with Jophiel, because self-love isn’t a one-and-done thing. Particularly while we’re dating and even as we grow within our relationship, we want to keep remembering how magnificent we are so we can continue to share our gifts with the world.

Here’s a little prayer you can use at the beginning of your meditation practice to help your heart connect with Jophiel:

Thank you Archangel Jophiel for helping me to recognize my worth, my impact, and my loveability. Shine your light into the parts of me who can’t yet see, and heal them with your grace.

Archangel Metatron

There’s an expression that goes If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. As someone who is a bit Type-A, I need to remind myself of this every time things don’t go according to (my) plan. 

Love is no exception.

If we consider ourselves a Cupid Seeker, our pre-romance time is best spent working on ourselves. This can be forgiving the past (our exes and ourselves), looking at old stories and old patterns you’d like to change, and even getting crystal clear on what kind of relationship you want to invite into your life. 

Because you can’t rush this process anyways.

What you can do is call upon Archangel Metatron to help you align your heart with divine timing. This is a way of making sure you and your future love cross paths when you’re both ready, willing and able to go all in. One of Metatron’s gifts is the bending of time, but don’t ask him to speed things up too fast – there’s a lot of growth that happens in the process, I promise.

Here’s a little prayer you can say before bed to help you connect with Metatron:

Thank you Archangel Metraton for helping my heart’s desire cross paths with my beloved’s according to the Divine’s plan. I trust the sacredness of this process, and I am ready to meet them when the time is most aligned.


Woman Looking for Love


Archangel Chamuel

You’ve filled your cup with self-love and surrendered your romantic timeline to the Divine, next up is opening your heart, and Archangel Chamuel is your best support.

Life gives us knocks: we experience loss, disappointment, heartbreak and anger, and each of those knocks places another brick in the wall around your heart. This wall serves a purpose: it keeps a lot of the hurt out or minimized in the worst case scenario. But the downside is the wall also keeps the good stuff out, or minimizes our experience of it. When the love you’re looking to attract is that wholehearted deep connection, it’s hard to get there with your defences up.

The experiences that caused your heart to close off were hard and sometimes painful, but Chamuel makes the re-opening of your heart a beautiful, gentle process that feels fully supported.

Here’s a little prayer you can say on the night of a full moon (which supports your heart’s release) to help you connect with Chamuel:

Thank you Chamuel for healing my tender heart so I may feel safe and free to love again. Help me bring down the walls around my heart so my love can act as a beacon, an invitation for my intended.


Archangel Haniel

It can be easy to lose sight of what you want and what you feel when the outside world is quite loud with its agenda. Archangel Haniel can help to clear the outside nose from society and social media, familial and religious expectations and help you get crystal clear on what you really feel.

The clarification process is really important so that you attract the type of partnership that will support your heart’s journey. You want to be clear on your desires, your feelings and your needs. (It becomes a lot easier to honour them when you know what they are.) This clarity is especially good after a break up where you can discern what aspects of the relationship worked and what is now a dealbreaker. 

Haniel helps you confidently call in exactly what your heart craves, and feel comfortable letting go anything that doesn’t measure up. Here is a little prayer you can say on the night of the new moon (which supports manifesting your desires) to help you connect with Haniel:

Thank you Archangel Haniel, angel of the moon and the deepest of our emotions in helping me hear the song of my heart. I’m ready to fully see how I feel and what I need so I can honour these aspects of myself in my pursuit of love and partnership.


Archangel Gabriel can help with love communication

Archangel Gabriel

Whether it’s drafting a dating ad, flirting on a first date, or making up after an argument, finding the right words is an essential part of the love quest. Archangel Gabriel can help you clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings, and even help your message to be received as intended. Cause let’s be honest: things get lost in translation, especially in the digital age of dating.

Here’s the beautiful thing: so much of finding the right words has to do with knowing how you really feel and the willingness to be vulnerable and have an open heart. The work you’ve already done with Haniel and Chamuel will amplify all the help Gabriel delivers.

Telling someone how you feel, and in particular, the first time you say “I love you” can feel pretty daunting, which is an ideal time to call Gabriel in for support. He can help you articulate exactly how you feel, and do so beautifully so that it can be received with grace.

Here is a prayer to Gabriel you can use any time you’re lost for words, but especially during Mercury Retrograde when communication tends to break down:

Thank you Archangel Gabriel for helping me find the right words to articulate how I feel, and to activate the power of my sacred voice. I am ready to express myself with truth and grace, clarity and confidence.


The Archangels for Love Cycle

This is a process that carries on long after you’ve found the love of your life. There will always be new opportunities to recognize your worth, let love move through you, and clearly give voice to your feelings, your needs and your boundaries. 

The time you spend with each angel may change as you do, but ensure you regularly check in with each of them… and with your own heart.


You are not alone

The quest for love can sometimes feel a bit lonely, like the Hero’s Journey done entirely solo. Add in the complications of finding love during a pandemic, and things get a little bit tricky, and some days it may get discouraging.

No matter how it feels, you are never alone.

Your angelic team is always walking alongside you in support of your highest good, your highest truth and your highest purpose… all you need to do is ask for their help. Working with these 5 angels will do wonders for your love life, but maybe more importantly, your relationship with yourself. Your thoughts, desires, feelings and words are sacred… it’s time to boldly claim them and share them with the world.

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