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Dear Friends,

It’s time to reconnect with your vision and mission—your purpose here on Earth—and with the Earth itself. She is your Ultimate Mother, your home, and you are a part of Her existence as much as She is a part of yours!

Let yourself fall in step with her cycles and seasons, as they hold a subtle yet profound influence on your life and your own cycles. Let yourself ebb and flow along with the energy of the time of year you are experiencing, as well as the energy of the time of day combined with your own Circadian rhythms and moods.

Honor what is yours—what you are feeling. If you feel like reaching out and exploring new horizons, then, by all means do that. If you feel like you need to rest, then do that. Just don’t hold yourself back from either because of FOMO.

The opportunities that are YOUR opportunities will be there for you when you are ready for them. Don’t force what isn’t flowing. Learn to wait, to pause, to float along, to take a break from all of that fear and desire to direct and control. Forcing things won’t serve you; waiting will.

If you know that you aren’t honoring your truth, find the courage and strength to stand up for yourself. It’s your job to protect and nurture your energy and time—your most precious resources. You can find a gentle, tactful, and loving way to dissect yourself from situations and arrangements that aren’t serving you or that feel horrible to you.

If you need to change yourself to see change in your life, that’s your job, too. Really, you can’t look outside of yourself for internal movement. You can reach out for Energy Healing, but you have to do the work.

Big shifts can look so intimidating from the outside, but they can make a HUGE difference in your life and might only require a shift in perspective.

And when you find joy, indulge in it. Fully experience it in the moment. Savour it. Note what influenced it so that you can do what you need to do to make joy a more constant part of your life.

Let things go that feel heavy, draining, toxic. Give them to the Universe to transform, and focus on the positive while you are waiting for the transformation to occur. The more positive things you do and focus on in your life, the more joy and happiness you’ll feel.

Your mission here on the Earth is partially found in your joy. Don’t forget that. When you connect with your joy, your true desires, what lights your heart on fire, you are living in your full potential. That’s where the magic is—that’s what you were put here to do and share with others. Honor your mission.

With blessings,


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