This week’s Featured 3-Card Reading is from Christine Gerber Rutt.

Beautiful smiling silver-haired woman with glasses and a hot pink sweaterWho is Christine Gerber Rutt?
More ‘velvet & cake’ than ‘love & light’, Christine Gerber Rutt created the Sincerely, Your Intuition card deck for people who need a bam of down-to-earth truth that doesn’t get lost in translation. Christine’s writing has appeared in Time Out, Good Housekeeping Middle East and The Telegraph. Her card readings, Intuition Expeditions, intuition mentoring & coaching help quiet rebels who want to build things & make decisions that feel like a deep velvet yes. Jumpstart your Deep Velvet Yes life at



Our cards for the week are…a bit of a slap in the face. 😀 These cards work together to tell a story for us all. The first card is the answer; the second card shows us how to “do” the first card; and the third card is a slurp of sweet medicine for the soul.

“Don’t be a jerk.”

Going right for the jugular. As you’re making decisions this week, really keep this in mind: How is this decision affecting others? That is a question you can measure your decisions by.

“Drop superiority.”

The second card shows us how to “not be a jerk”. This is a big part of any decision. Whatever decision you make, if you think that decision is superior to other people or if it makes you superior to other people, you will start to come into problems.

“Do it your way.”

However, this last card eases up the tension a little bit. You can still make an aligned decision to you and not think that your decision has to be imposed on everybody else. You can pay attention to how your decision affects others and do it your way. Both. In fact, you have to.

Card Deck: Sincerely, Your Intuition (created by Christine Gerber Rutt).

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