Join Sue Ellis-Saller as she explains the Law of Attraction and how to manifest what you want into your life.

Last year seemed to be a hard year for many people in terms, especially, in areas related to love and money. Many have started the year 2018 with a long list of things they’d like to attract into their lives.

Law of Attraction is the Universe responding to your vibration. You can use things like gratitude and awareness to help manifest what you desire into your life.

First of all, when you are working on using the Law of Attraction and manifestation, make sure you watch your words. Talk about what you want, not what you don’t want. Watch if you say things like never and always like “I’ll never find a good job” or “I always date losers.” Or notice if you make endless excuses why you can’t do something.

If you are working on manifesting abundance and/or love into your life, it’s important to recognize those things in your life that match that vibration. If you want love, for example, take a moment to notice all of the love in your life coming in from family, friends, and pets. The Universe loves to give you MORE of what you are grateful for.

Also, you need to be really honest with yourself about what you want. Of course, the Universe actually knows what your real feelings are, and what you truly want.

One great way to create a visual focus for your manifestation practice is to create a vision board. Vision Boards are a montage of pictures, words, and images that show things that you would like to bring into your life.

Some great books about the Law of Attraction and manifesting are:

Pamela Grout’s E-Squared
Florence Scovile Shinn’s The Game Of Life And How To Play It
Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret

Sue also did some live readings on the air during the show.

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