Unemployed Angel Alert! by Suzi Parrett

Are you responsible for an unemployed Guardian Angel, or may be a whole group of Angels. Idle Angels are just hanging around, with no purpose, no instructions for a their spiritual input here on earth. They are just waiting in the wings of your life, standing by your side watching your life unfold without their unconditional love, support, and guidance.

Is this you right now? Unaware these beautiful divine beings of light are all about you, just waiting for your you to invoke them into your life.

Could it possibly be that you are struggling in your life right now, lacking direction, worried about so many issues that you’re trying to deal with in your everyday life? Problems like paying your bills, child care, illness or just being on time for your work.

The Angels can help you with every aspect of your life—even with the simplest of tasks you need to fulfill in your everyday busy schedule.

How do you know they are even there? I know I feel your doubt. You can’t even see them, right? Do they even exist. Believe me, these beautiful, non-egoed beings of divine light do exist.

I have had many situations throughout my life where I experienced Angelic intervention. From when my life was being threatened and I heard a voice instructing me how to survive a car crash, to where a stranger appeared from nowwhere to assist me in my hour of need. I have been witness to their truly magical input into my life and many others I know.

The possibilities in life are endless with their love and support. They love us unconditionally and ask for nothing in return for all they do for us. God knew our time here on earth wasn’t going to be all smooth sailing for us, so that’s why he gave us his Angels to help us.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with my Guardian Angel, Archangel Daniel, for most of my life. I am guided by his love and wisdom every day, and I rely on his guidance even for the most simple tasks in my life. He has helped me enrich my life to a point where it is now stress free, and full of all the good stuff. Light and love fill my life and my soul.

The Angelic Realms themselves have nurtured me since I was a small child, leading me forward and helping me understand my spiritual gifts. Archangel Nathaniel, Daniel, Michael, Jophiel are just some of the beautiful beings of light that have assisted me and given me the right tests at the right times to help my gifts flourish all in divine timing needed for me to remain on my spiritual path. Without their input in my life—spiritually or personally—I wouldn’t be fulfilling my souls purpose or know where I should stand karmically in this present life.

My heart is so full of love for them! It’s a joy to have these beautiful beings of light influence in my life, guiding me forward on my illuminated path. I trust their judgement on everything and if I think I know better than them, and I decide to go against their advice, I do pay for it in the outcome. And then I get a told you so, which the Angels have every right to say to me.

Bored Unemployed AngelI work with different Angels for different projects that I am doing. I call upon Angels for all sorts of things. I work closely with Archangel Michael who doesn’t approve of Unemployed Angels. He is the big boss, so to speak, of all the Angels. This article I’m doing is his, not mine. I just do as I am told lol, and so I channeled this article on what he wants to say. I call him Mr. Bossy because he is, in the right way of course, as he doesn’t ever offend me.

So what ever you’re doing in your life, call upon the Angels for their input and support. There is an Angel for every situation; all you have to do is ASK.

Invoke your Guardian Angel today!. Stop your, Unemployed Angel from being bored. Who wants an Idle Angel on their conscious?

Giving these beautiful beings of light the chance to work with you in every aspect of your life will enhance your life beyond all your imagination. It is such a hassle free life. If you lose something call upon an Angel. When you want a new career, call upon the Angels. If you’re looking for a new partner… yes, you got it! Call upon an Angel.

All you have to do is ASK.  The Angels have no free will, so unless you ask them they are unable to act on your behalf.

Once you start working with the Angelic Realms, you will automatically call upon them without thinking about it. If you know someone who is unwell or an animal that is having health issues, send an Angel. If a natural disaster is on its way or hits, ask the Angels to intervene and help the situation with the best out come for all concerned. Send in an Angel Team to deal with the bigger issues in the world, like wars, government conflicts, and other world affairs.

Asking is the key to working with the Angelic Realms or just with your own Guardian Angel. As a teacher of the Angelic Realms, I help my clients by introducing them to their own Guardian Angel. I help them familiarize themselves with their Guardian Angel. Knowing the name of their Guardian Angel and showing them methods about how to hear and communicate with the Angels. Once you are aware of the signs Angels send, you will notice Angel signs literally everywhere. This is another thing I help teach my clients understand all about.

Once you release and surrender everything to the Angels, your life will be less complicated and will never lack direction. Trust can be a major issue; it was for me because sometimes the human side of me thinks I know better than my Guardian Angel. But I fail whenever I go against their wishes. So these days I don’t bother. I stop and listen to the guidance the Angels are giving to me, and I trust in in divine timing. It all works out for me as they instructed me that it would.

Release and surrender is a tough lesson to learn. Believe me, it takes time to perfect it. But if there is, one thing I have learnt is the Angels have your back! It’s the human side of me that thinks things should play out in my time frame, not in divine timing. So yes, at times I get frustrated and question things. Then I have to remind myself there is nothing to worry about. I need to go with the flow and trust. Even when I don’t see a physical ending to a situation my human side, my ego, if you like, wants to control the situation. I then have to remind myself of that fact and drop the notion that I know best, because I don’t. They do!

So how lucky are we to be gifted these amazing being of divine light and love, who are helping us here on this beautiful planet called earth? The Angels guide us forward, loving us unconditionally and helping us on our illuminated path.

So can we collectively be responsible for billions of Unemployed Angels here on earth, with no purpose or direction on this plane? The answer is yes, we can be and we are. But knowing is knowledge and once we know, we can change that situation. So, as Archangel Michael likes to say: Invoke your Guardian Angels today! Do it now! Why wait?

Myself and Archangel Michael would like to think that the billions of Unemployed Angels will be eradicated one day, fullifulling their true purpose here on earth and lifting the vibration here on this plane. They are also working to lift the vibe of humans so we are all vibrating at such a high frequency that no outer negative forces can penetrate that. They are working to banish anything that isn’t of the divine light from this plane, leaving us to live in peace and harmony as one true source of light and love.

I hope you have enjoyed our article by Archangel Michael and channeled by Suzi Parrett. This is meant to be a fun but truthful take on the Angelic Realms. Much love. X

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