Do you want to know what the theme of the year 2020 is based on your birthdate + tarot? It’s really easy to find out your yearly tarot number.

You can calculate your Yearly Tarot Number with this simple formula:

D+D+M+M+2+0+2+0= Your Yearly Tarot Number

So, for example, my birthdate is October 30. I’d use the numbers (1+0+3+0+2+0+2+0=8, or the Strength card).

Any double digit numbers should be reduced down to their single digit number. For example, if your birthdate is June 17, then you’d have 6+1+7+2+0+2+0=18 or 1+8=9. Got it?

The cards I’m using for this reading are from the Rider Waite Tarot deck, which is published by US Games.

1 The Magician

Get a 1 for your year number? See the message the Magician has for you!
Did you get a 1 for your yearly tarot number? If so, this can be a very powerful year for you to manifest what you want in life and turn your desires into reality. You just have to learn to focus your energy and be confident in your abilities. You already have everything you need to succeed. What are you waiting for?

2 – The High Priestess

Is your yearly tarot number 2? The High Priestess is your messenger in 2020!

If you got the number 2 for your yearly tarot number, it looks like you will be called to explore the depths of your consciousness and be much more in touch with your intuitive nature. Start tracking your cycles (energy, mensus, mood) and see when you experience your highs and lows. Honor your deepest needs.

3 – The Empress

Is the 3 or the Empress your Yearly Tarot Number? Find out what that means!
Is the Empress your messenger for this year? If your yearly tarot number is 3, then this will be a year of nurturing and growing things in your life. What would you like to give birth to (literally or figuratively)? What seeds would you like to plant? Make sure that you nurture those things you want so that you can make them bear the most fruit.

Incidentally, the Empress is tied with Venus, so she is all about the lux. If you want more of that in your life, make sure you do what it takes to make it happen!

4 – The Emperor

Is your Yearly Tarot Number 4? Read here to find out the message the Emperor has for you.
If the number 4 is your yearly tarot number, get ready to take command, get organized, and go after what you want! The 4 is all about leadership, assertiveness, and masculine energy. What do you need to give structure to this year? Are you ready to step into that leadership role?

4 is the Number of the Year, too (2020)! If you get both together, it’s really time for you to start leading and creating firm foundations!

5 – The Hierophant

Is your Yearly Tarot Number 5? What does that mean?
Is your yearly tarot number this year 5? If so, the Hierophant shows that you need to take a conservative approach to doing things. Follow the rules; don’t try to go against tradition. Community will be important to you—sometimes it’s more about community of choice than geographical location. This card can also indicate an upcoming marriage.

6 – The Lovers

Is 6 your Yearly Tarot Number? See what that means here!
If 6 was your yearly tarot number, you’ll be faced with a choice that will define whether you are going to do things that everyone else wants for you or if you are going to choose what YOU want for yourself! This is, of course, also a card about love and new relationships—or making renewed vows or rekindling your existing relationship. Make sure that the choices/lover(s) you choose actually fit in with your desires and lifestyle.

7 – The Chariot

Is the number 7 your yearly tarot number? Find out what that means here!
When 7 is your yearly tarot number, it’s time to take the reins into your own hands, focus on what you really want, and drive yourself (and your life) where your vision takes you. You will need balance and self-control in order to accomplish what you want; isn’t that always the case? It’s time to step up, put your big kid undies on, and be the driving force in your life. The Chariot can also indicate travel, so make sure that your passport is up to date.

8 – Strength

Is the number 8 your yearly tarot number? Find out what that means here!
If your yearly tarot number was 8, then the Strength card is your messenger this year. It’s time to tame the beasts in your life, like bad habits, fear, and anything else that is holding you back from really enjoying and manifesting the life you desire. You are the one in charge. You have infinite potential. Now go do your thing and do it with all the power you usually give to the negatives. ;)

9 – The Hermit

Is your yearly tarot number 9? Find out what that means here!
When your tarot number the year is 9, the Hermit is telling you that you might want to step away from everyone and find your own way in life for the time being. You can be a trusted advisor or friend, shining the light and being a leader for others. You just don’t want them to stick around afterward. You might be tired of all of the drama and parties and want to take a look back at everything you’ve learned in the past few years.

Calculating your yearly tarot number can give you a quick peek into what the overall energy of the year will be for you. Of course, you can get an in-depth tarot reading from a certified card reader, like Sue Ellis-Saller, in order to get more information about what is going to happen for you in 2020.

*images used are from the Rider-Waite tarot, published by US Games Inc. The images were downloaded from Wikipedia.

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